Amin El-Zein Trading offer OJT While hyour are doing the actual job as a professional trainer serves as the course instructor using hands-on training often supported by formal classroom training. Employees learn in the real work environment and gain experience dealing with the tasks and challenges that they will meet during a normal working day. The business benefits by ensuring that the training is specific to the job. It also does not have to meet the additional costs of providing off-the-job training or losing working time.

 Amin El-Zein Trading offer OJT traning on:

  • Windows Server
  • Lync Server 
  • Exchange Server 
  • Sharepoint Server 
  • Computer Maintanace 
  • Web Site Design 
  • Windows Application Develeopment 
  • Web Application Development 
  • Hosting Service 
  • Avaya Phone Systems 
  • Bussing Optimization by IT Solutions 

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